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Welcome to MarriageSpeak!

~ Maximizing Marriage One Relationship at a Time ~

If you found us you are in the right place!  MarriageSpeak is a premier virtual marriage and relationship coaching service on a mission to empower all couples no matter the season or stage they may find themselves. At MarriageSpeak, we provide practical tools with relevent insights to reignite intimacy and rebuild communication to maximize every marriage.


MarriageSpeak is for those who are in need of marital motivators to not only overcome pain points but to also enhance and deepen the quality of relationship connection keeping their marriage a priority.  Our services are committed to addressing tough subjects most every marriage and relationship experience in a creative and constructive manner.

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"The" Marriage Strategist

Dalyn 'DL' Dunn

For almost 30years between sacred and secular venues my ministry and life experience has been dedicated to serve, develop and empower people.

I am a trained leader, organizer and effective communicator. With a distinctive voice and discernable ear, I have the ability to intuitively hear the whole of the matter, including, concerns that might not be said.  Implementing simple yet strategic tools will allow the possibility to cultivate a better outcome.

Whether pastoring, facilitating workshops, leadership and ministry coaching, training and development, spiritual counseling or mentoring I desire to see God's best in everyone.  As an author and marriage strategist I have a particular passion to help develop healthy marriages.


Lastly but certainly not least, I am a husband of 24 years, a father of two, and grandfather of four.

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The Perfected Marriage

Guidance & Inspiration

Marriage is not perfect. But it can be perfected!

Every marriage is unique because every person is unique. However, they all go through similar challenges of conflict and conflict management, ineffective communications, power struggles, false or exaggerated expectations, marital identities (values, themes, behaviors amongst themselves and their perceived social engagement). These and many other issues can leave one or both feeling isolated, psychologically battered and emotionally exhausted.


We certainly hear and understand where you are. But as challenging as marriage can be at times, we believe there is still a beauty to be found. That although issues can be seen as conflict, conflict itself, can be seen as a constructive opportunity! For example, there are occasions where conflict reveals pain points within a relationship that are not easily addressed until disruptive moments become explosive. In those moments the real issue to be discussed could be completely missed because of how emotionally charged two people can become because of another situation that may not be as pressing as the undisclosed matter. However, with a fresh perspective we engage each client couple, with constructive optimism to help them see each other not as opponents (as in a boxing match) but to be proponents of a healthy relationship. This is not just a result of wishful thinking, but is evidenced by utilizing a method that has been tried and proven over the years. This method promotes a realistic outcome from which a promising perspective arises. That perspective produces the principle that great change can come from great trial. 

From the initial consultation your desired outcome will be discussed and goals will be built around them. Based on your unique needs strategy is created. Every session will also move at your pace to meet those goals. You will be able to track your progress as each session consists. Practical tools and actionable assignments will be provided to help navigate the tough terrain of your unique relational dynamics. The results will speak for themselves and you will say I wish we started this sooner!

Today could be the beginning of a better relationship. A better marriage. A better life.

Schedule your free 30minute initial consultation today!

Maximize your Marriage with our Strategy & Coaching

Embrace Life’s Challenges

When we are sick we see a doctor. When our car is broken we see a mechanic. What happens when marriage is broken? Some do not think a marriage counsellor much less a marriage coach is completely necessary. Yet they are miserable, frustrated and unhappy.


There are so many issues that can occur in relationship and marriage. Because we value our emotional investment we tirelessly try to endure until we can become emotionally bankrupt. Repeating chaotic cycles, competing interests, unfair complaints and endless arguments can make you feel defeated. But what is thought of as defeat may only be a disconnect. The root of most marital struggles could actually be the result of broken intimacy. Intimacy, in short, is the invisible bond that connects two people and deepens their relationship. Intimacy occurs on various levels. It occurs in our communication. Emotionally. Mentally. Sexually and more.

When intimacy is fractured it begins a downward spiral into a dysfunctional vacuum causing feelings or thoughts of separation, confusion, grief, anger, jealousy, self-doubt, embarrassment just to mention a few. All these have the possibility of not only complicating marriage and relationship but if permitted to continue can and will end it. But more times than not, all may not be lost. A brighter outcome is possible. You are not by yourselves.


Sometimes a different voice is needed. An objective ear required. One that can help make sense of all the emotional disruptions at play. We can be that presence. We will be that voice. Through our comprehensive coaching, strategies will be given to help restore intimacy, reconnect engaging communication and reestablish the passion and confidence in your marriage. Allow us to be a guide along your marital journey. To bring focus to what matters most - a loving, lasting healthy marriage.

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Marriage is more than an idea. It is more than a fairy tale dream. Definitely more than a wedding ceremony.

In truth, real marriage begins when the honey moon stage ends.

It is not just a relationship status. Nor should it be modelled after reality television. Marriage is not a destination. It 
is a journey.

Come learn how to enjoy the ride!


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I want to maximize my marriage!

To invite MarriageSpeak to facilitate your next workshop, conference or event please specify in the message box.


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The Marriage Affirmation Couples' Cruise

Come Cruise with us!

Whether year one or year ninety-one marriage is always worth celebrating. We thought so! So we have planned the ultimate Date Weekend and we call it the Marriage Afirmation Couples Cruise, or the M.A.C.C. for short.

It is a 4-day 3-night Carnival Cruise to the beautiful islands of The Bahamas! Because we love the islands so much we decided to make this an annual event. This year the date is October 21st-25th, 2021. In addition to the sun and the sand, we will have three Marriage Affirmation sessions, the last being the Pledge of Affirmation itself.  What an incredible way to celebrate a year of marital bliss! So grab the sunscreen, the shades and the speedos...well on second thought forget the speedos. But don't forget your spouse! Let's sail for and celebrate healthy marriage! So get on board and cruise with us and couples from all over!


Reserve your cabin today with only a $50 deposit (the approximate price per person per cabin ranges between $367-$477).  For information, contact us asap!


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