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Pastor Dalyn & Lady Dawn Dunn

For more than 25years between sacred and secular venues my ministry and life experience has been dedicated to develop and empower people. Whether preaching, facilitating workshops, leadership/ministry coaching, training and development, spiritual counseling or mentoring I desire to see God's best in everyone. As an author and marriage strategist I have a particular passion to help develop healthy marriages . I am a husband of 24 years, a father of two, grandfather of four.

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MarriageSpeak Facebook Blog

Get the Most out of Life & Love

MarriageSpeak is for those who are on the go and need a quick marital motivator and encouragement to keep their marriage a priority.  It is committed to addressing tough subjects most every marriage and relationship experiences in a creative, concise and constructive manner.


Throughout the week a focal issue is addressed and other encouraging thoughts are often posted throught out the week. Because it is a Facebook blog, it allows for every reader to like, comment and share its content with their friends to help encourage and spread the message of healthy marriage abroad.

Another purpose in its design is to foster a couple's devotional dialogue. It provides a way for every couple to stay connected between the Marriage Empowerment Gatherings. So please follow, comment, like AND share. Together, with one voice, we all can let MarriageSpeak!


Marriage Empowerment Gatherings

Guidance & Inspiration

Intimacy in marriage is an immaterial bond, the tie that binds two people together that includes but reaches beyond sex and emotion. But because of life's challenges (ie. financial frustrations, family dysfunctions, career pursuits and sparse time with your spouse) that tie can become weak. Marriage Empowerment Gatherings, MEGs for short, are monthly gatherings designed to strengthen the bond of intimacy so your marriage stays a priority and the connection to your spouse stays strong.

It is a date night like no other!  A constructive space enjoined with other couples that will help instruct and inspire to renew and maintain the passion in the pursuit of a healthy marriage. Do not let the monotony of life make your marriage miserable. Join us at our next MEGs. Get connected with us and discover how to stay connected with each other.

Maximize your Marriage with our Strategy & Coaching

Embrace Life’s Challenges

Life throws many surprises at us, and while we cannot predict the outcome of any situation, we can take control of how we respond to certain situations. MarriageSpeak desires to help every couple to navigate through the treacherous territory of troubled relationships and difficult times to reach brighter shores of a healthy relationship.  A successful marriage is possible!

MarriageSpeak Introduces

  1. Relevant and practical strategies with a Kingdom perspective

  2. Simple yet comprehensive content (ie. devotionals, blogs, etc.)

  3. MS Maxims which are prerecorded videos on various matters that can maximize your marriage

 In addition to the monthly Marriage Empowerment Gatherings (MEGs) we also facilitate marriage boot camps, retreats and conferences throughout the year locally and nationally.

Marriage & Relationship Coaching

MarriageSpeak is excited to provide one-on-one relationship coaching sessions by request and referral. We are currently accepting clients and for a limited time the initial consultation is free! So schedule your free consultation today!   

60 Minute Session ~ $95 

90 Minute Session ~ $125 

 The keys to strengthen your marriage are the many resources we can provide. Our newest book Unlock the Power of The Sum of One is now available only through our website. Along with the MS Maxims covering matters like The Power of Intimacy, Acceptance & Forgiveness and Building Bridges of Effective Communication and other soon coming published materials you are sure to maximize your marriage's potential! 

Become a part of MarriageSpeak today!  If you would like to schedule a workshop, retreat or empowerment session for your group, church, or organization please contact us today to see how we may be of assistance.


Marriage is not about the plans of a wedding nor is it a destination.

Marriage is a journey.

So learn to enjoy the ride!


I want to maximize my marriage!

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The Marriage Affirmation Couples' Cruise

Come Cruise with us!

Whether year one or year ninety-one marriage is always worth celebrating. We thought so! So we have planned the ultimate Date Weekend and we call it the Marriage Afirmation Couples Cruise, or the M.A.C.C. for short.

It is a 4-day 3-night Carnival Cruise to the beautiful islands of The Bahamas! Because we love the islands so much we decided to make this an annual event. This year the date is October 21st-25th, 2021. In addition to the sun and the sand, we will have three Marriage Affirmation sessions, the last being the Pledge of Affirmation itself.  What an incredible way to celebrate a year of marital bliss! So grab the sunscreen, the shades and the speedos...well on second thought forget the speedos. But don't forget your spouse! Let's sail for and celebrate healthy marriage! So get on board and cruise with us and couples from all over!


Reserve your cabin today with only a $50 deposit (the approximate price per person per cabin ranges between $367-$477).  For information, contact us asap!


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