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MarriageSpeak is a virtual coaching service

We prefer to reach couples where they are. Even if two people are in two places. As long as their phone or tablet is close, so are we. From Vermont to California. From Washington State to South Florida. In the car, at the office or on the couch. Anywhere you are is the best place to meet!


Which also means we do not have standard office hours. We try to be available when you are ready to talk. Early mornings, lunchtime appointments or late evening hours. Even, on Saturdays. After you check your calendard go to our booking page and check ours. 

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Our services are


We get it. Marriage is hard. It takes a lot of work. If your relationship is in trouble the last thing needed is further complication when seeking help.


When marital challenges escalate from chaos to conflict to crisis, we can help facilitate courageous conversation that can result in real-life change.


Our services are


We offer an objective

non-judgemental service created with each couple in mind. 

We value your time and respect your space. Each session is designed to meet the specific challenge stated by the client customer.

Couples Therapy
Hotel Sitting Area

Our services are


Great care is taken to maintain confidentiality. A strict environment of privacy is administered regarding every aspect of client involvement from the first call to the last. Client information is secure which assures an open and confident client to coach exchange.

Our services are


MarriageSpeak uses the Google Business platform to provide virtual services. Google Meets is the app on which each session will be conducted. It is available to both Android and Apple users. Once a couple becomes a client, part of the Welcome Package includes a Unique Client Link to access the sessions. 

Together But Apart
Benefits of Online/Virtual Coaching

1 Convenience & Time

Our lives are busy. Schedules are inundated with running here and there. Online coaching easily fits into everyone's weekly schedule. Great for busy power couples as well as the demanding schedules of parenting couples.
Time is the most precious commodity we all have. We respect yours just as much as we respect ours. Only 1-hour per week is all that is needed to reinvigorate your marriage. Although consistency is expected, if ever needed, sessions could be flexible. 

2 Ease & Access

Sometimes getting two people together to attend an in-person appointment is difficult at best. Virtual sessions are the perfect solution. The sessions are accessible from any cell phone, tablet or laptop. Accessing the sessions just takes one click and you are in! We try to remove any hindrance to make the process a breeze.
3 Effectiveness & Impact
When you are in a familiar place that is quiet and conducive to beginning our sessions, you are more apt to be focused and more easily engaged. This produces an environment where the results are more effective and impactful. 

4 Affordability

Most therapists can be expensive and for good reason. Part of the question of affordability is the longevity of their treatment plans. However our 1-on-1 coaching services begin at an initial 6week timeframe, which can be extended when necessary. Different areas of the country have differing prices but we have moderate fees for the available times of our sessions.
In addition, although we usually bill bi-weekly, we offer payment options on a weekly or onetime basis. Whichever payment option is chosen fees are due in advance. We have made it easy to fit any budget.

What our clients are saying. . .

"He is very understanding and looks at it from a different perspective. Has a lot of ideas on how to change the way you approach the problems."

                                                       Shawn Batson, Georgia

"The sessions have been very valuable to a healthy relationship!"                                     
                                                 Christinia Bonner, Indiana
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