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The Reigniting Intimacy

The What is intimacy?

The 7 Levels of Fulfillment

The Formula of Fidelity

When intimacy is failing & fractured

Reiginting Intimacy - Making it Sizzle!

Virtual (4.5hours of content - 3 sessions) $425

In-Person faciliation (6hours of content including bonus material) $600

The Sum of One

Workshop & Book

Husbands, the Wife is the Key to our Prayers

Wives Need Love, Husbands Need Respect

The Power of Agreement

Ignore the Marriage, Focus on the Relationship

Virtual (8hours of content - 4 sessions) $600

In-Person Faciliation - $1000

The book is included free

'Unlock the Power of the Sum of One'

An Uncommon Marriage in An Uncommon Time

The Rebuilding Better Communication

What is communication?

Forget the elephant in the room, What about the Giraff in my marriage!

Why don't they understand me?

To build a bridge, first tear down the fence

Virutal (5hours of content - 4 sessions) $375

In-Person facilitation (with bonus materials) - $500

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