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Premarital Coaching

Premarital Coaching is always advised for couples seeking to establish a loving and enduring marriage. Some may not recommend this however they may not understand it purpose. Premarital Coaching is not meant to solve problems but rather to give space the identify and address potential issues to ascertain whether they are developmental or detrimental or downright deal breakers.

Areas covered:

I strongly recommend this for every couple who desires to begin a healthy and enduring marriage. I initially offer sessions covering 6 areas:

1 Orientation -What marriage is and is not -Images and Influences

2 Communication Intimacy -Communication Styles -Communication Roles and Responsibility

3 Conflict Resolution -Conflict verses Crisis -Willingness and Agreement

4 Sex and intimacy -Trust and Transparency -Fostering an atmosphere of safety and truth beyond fear

5 Marital Roles and Responsibilities -Needs verses Wants -Women Need Love, Men Need Respect -Spousal Strengths and Expectations

6 Financial Intimacy -Creating a Goal  (financial budget vs financial plan)-Accountability to the Goal and to each other

These sessions occur over a 4-6 week period. Note session duration is based on each couples need and desire.

Marriage & Relationship Coaching

Embrace Life’s Challenges

Life throws many surprises at us, and while we cannot predict the outcome of any situation, we can take control of how we respond to certain situations. MarriageSpeak desires to help every couple to navigate through the treacherous territory of troubled relationships and difficult times to reach brighter shores of a healthy relationship.  A successful marriage is possible!


 Love is always a choice. But it should never become a chore. It is more than an emotion. It is a responsibility. One that should be shared in good faith. But when it feels more like a chore or is not reciprocated in the same way it is given it can become extremely perplexing.  We can help repair a broken relationship thorough exploration of positive solutions to divert destructive behaviors.

Marriage Empowerment Gatherings

Guidance & Inspiration

Intimacy in marriage is an invisble immaterial bond that binds two people together. Intimacy occurs on mulitples levels (intellictual, emotional, sexual, communication, etc.) When it becomes fractured, the relationship experiences challenge, conflict and at worse crisis. These disruptions can lead to relational disorder and can make any couple feel alone and isolated. Marriage Empowerment Gatherings, MEGs for short, are monthly, virtual, gatherings designed to strengthen the bond of intimacy so your marriage stays a priority and the connection to your spouse stays strong.

It is a date night like no other!  A constructive space enjoined with other couples that will help instruct and inspire to renew and maintain the passion in the pursuit of a healthy marriage. Do not let the monotony of life make your marriage miserable. Join us at our next MEGs. Get connected with us and discover how to stay connected with each other.


**Registration Required**

Retired Happy Couple

Communication Intimacy

This is a broad topic and considers many relationship and marital challenges. I will help to address those challenges by the following:


  • Define communication and discuss its development patterns

  • Discuss communication difficulties

  • Discover and identify the source of a possible impasse

  • Learning the impact of personal communication and conversation styles

  • Overcoming power struggles

  • Importance of self-disclosure

  • Fair, equal and equitable exchange

  • Effective interpersonal communication

Restoring Intimacy 

Restoring intimacy is a delicate matter. When we partner with you, a process of discovery will begin to uncover and identify damaging patterns to source the root cause of marital dysfunction.

Although every relationship is different, some items possibly discussed:

  • Reestablishing relationship support, satisfaction and stability

  • How to survive conflict

  • Imbalance of unattainable expectations

  • Creating conducive space for connectedness and collaboration

  • Foundations of forgiveness.  

All services are initial scheduled as 6week sessions

$95/60 minutes

$125/ 90 minutes

  • Fees are billed bi-weekly

        (weekly and in-full payment options are available)

  • All fees must be paid in advance

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